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20th December, 2022
Three Los Cabos beaches you should visit!
Post By Laura
The Arch of Cabo as seen from the sky

Los Cabos is one of the best-known destinations in Mexico. With its incredible beaches, natural landscapes, vibrant tourist attractions, and kind locals always willing to help, it has established itself as a place you must visit if you ever find yourself within the national territory.

Undeniably, one of its most important attractions is the Arch of Cabo, an Instagram-worthy destination located at the peninsula's southern end. This natural wonder requires no introduction – it is an inspiring place full of color and marine life. And full of legends and tales of old, too. So, keep reading and discover these three incredible beaches and the many stories surrounding them.

The Hidden Beach

Every four years or so, a truly unmissable spectacle takes place when a small beach appears just under the Arch. Thanks to the movements of the water and the marine currents, the sand builds up and makes a small natural paradise, as ephemeral as a sigh and as soft as a dream, appear right before our very eyes.

Its appearance is an extraordinary moment from a biological point of view as well since, despite being in an area with a very defined ecosystem, the landscape of the small beach is different from the one surrounding it.

Although an exact date cannot be set for this natural phenomenon, its last recorded appearance was in the summer of 2019, so probably, at some point in 2023, we will be able to see it again. The authorities recommend not getting off the boats when visiting since the waves that break on the beach are usually strong. Still, witnessing the show from a small ship is nonetheless a true spectacle.

The Lovers Beach

The Lovers Beach is located just 100 meters from the Arch of Cabo. With 180 feet in width and white, soft sands, it is a small paradise ideal for sitting down to sunbathe and enjoy a quiet day on the coast.

This iconic place, aside from offering the possibility of taking spectacular photographs, is a pivotal geographical point as it directly connects two seas. Within its waters, you can see the colorful diversity of marine life – many fish, rays swimming around, sea lions lying in the sun, and all kinds of plants.

The legend from which its name comes from is  an old one, dating back to the 17th Century. It tells the story of a young Japanese sailor who rescued a local girl from drowning right on this same beach. They both fell deeply in love afterward; thus, this beach received the name ‘Lovers Beach.’

Divorce Beach

Neighboring Lovers Beach is Divorce Beach, an equally spectacular place, despite its controversial name that, although contrasting, is also part of the same legend.

It is said that, right here, the girl's father flatly and vehemently refused her relationship with the young sailor. So she, not being able to be with her love and seeing herself wrapped in grief, decided to take her own life. Some even say that she became one with the sea, and sometimes can even be seen in the white foam kissing the shore.

Regardless, Divorce Beach is a place abundant in biodiversity, perfect for spending a day with the family, snorkeling, and having all kinds of fun.

So now you know, if you are planning on traveling to Los Cabos this winter to hide from the cold, be sure to visit these incredible destinations and immerse yourself in one of the many legends that make up beautiful Mexico.

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