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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and we all know it! As the festivities slowly but surely approach, it is time to plan our upcoming trip and let Santa know to find us somewhere other than our house this year. To get into the festive spirit, these are some of the best Christmas destinations, dreamy places to have a white, white holiday!

New York City

The city that never sleeps is, unarguably, the number one Christmas destination and also an incredible place to spend New Years’ as well. Here, you get to visit the legendary Rockefeller Christmas Tree that we’ve seen in so many movies, walk around Central Park covered in snow, and go on a shopping spree to rival all others. Additionally, if you happen to be one of the fortunate ones to find a spot in Times Square on December 31, you get to be part of one of the biggest New Years’ celebrations around the world, with an energetic countdown and a show that gets more iconic every year.


White magic and northern lights, what else could you ask for? This beautiful island has it all: Christmas spirit, breathtaking landscapes, and natural wonders to rival any other destination out there. It also has Santa Claus’ very own runaway, the one he uses to take off and land, at least according to many Christmas movies out there. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even get to see him while looking up and soaking in the beautiful spectacle that is the colorful northern lights dancing around in the sky.


Filled with warm Christmas markets all around the old town and many local ways of celebrating, Munich is one of the best Christmas destinations in Germany. Snow covers the streets sometimes, and places like Olympiapark become white playgrounds where you get to make snow angels and have a good, old-fashioned snowball fight with your friends. From musical performances at the main cathedral all the way over to huge skate rinks, the holidays are a real treat here, and everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, will find it all truly magical.

St. Barts

If you feel more like escaping the cold and want to settle in a tropical destination, then St. Barts is the ideal place for sure! This French island is located in the Caribbean, and despite being far away from the north, the festive spirit arrives just fine. The many artisan markets in Gustavia, the capital city, are places filled with trinkets and treasures to find, and after shopping around, when in need of a place to rest, the warm, cozy beaches all around are the perfect options.


With its incredible light displays, Japan could not be missing from this list. Soak in the Tokyo Midtown Christmas show and take incredible photos with all kinds of colors in an iconic landmark. Additionally, you can treat yourself to a Christmas afternoon tea and delight yourself with a plethora of sugary treats such as classic gingerbread, a sweet log, and even a glass of champagne to toast with your loved ones.

Santa Claus is coming to town… to all towns! And each and every one of them has some Christmas magic to show, so let the celebrations begin!

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