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22nd August, 2022
5 Most Amazing Train Rides Around The World
Post By Valentina
A train going through a forest with snow

“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” is a mantra that travelers understand by heart, especially those who enjoy slow journeys, like traveling by train. There’s no better way to get to truly know the history of a place than aboard the rails that cross it. If you’re curious about where to start and you want to hop on the adventure, here are five of the most amazing train rides around the world you can consider!

With that name, the route needs no introduction! Before going to the Tierra del Fuego National Park, you can take the scenic route on this classic 1909 South American train. With heated panoramic wagons, you can choose between tourist class, first class, and premium class where you can enjoy a typical Argentinian lunch service on the presidential wagon. Snow-covered forests, mountains, and beautiful waterfalls and lakes are the scenarios you’ll get to enjoy on this one-hour ride aboard the southernmost functioning railway station in the world!

The Transcantábrico Gran Lujo, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The Ghan, Australia

Popularly known as “one of the greatest rail journeys”, the Ghan offers passengers the wide variety of sceneries that characterizes Australia. From the lush tropical greens of northern Top End, going through the warm, color-changing rocks of Red Centre, down to the calm and introspective South Australian hills, the 3-day trip through the heart of the country comes with an all-inclusive package of regional delicacies and wine or beer. 

The Tadami Line in Fukushima, Japan

Running across the samurai city of Aizu, this amazing scenic railway is one of the most original tourist rides in Japan. With remarkable castles, temples, and the breathtaking Tadami river bridge view spot, the Tadami line brings the passenger on a historic journey through the towns and villages of the Fukushima prefecture and its natural beauties. The countryside is filled with colorful foliage and the 4-hour ride (while you make several stops along the way) makes up for an unmatched oriental experience.

The Amtrak Empire Builder, United States

Over 40 hours of journey going from Chicago to Seattle cruising the northern states is a perfect choice for slow travelers wishing to see one of the most scenic routes of Amtrak train paths. With tickets starting from $150, you’ll get incredible views like the Wisconsin Dells, the plains of North Dakota, and the majestic Glacier National Park, discover the true American beauty one landscape at a time. Don’t forget to bring your Sky-Haven Hoodie to maximize comfort during your travel and give your neck and head the rest they deserve! 

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