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2nd March, 2023 | Laura
Descubre la comida típica de Los Cabos con estos 5 platillos

La gastronomía de Los Cabos, como se le conoce cariñosamente a Cabo San Lucas en el norte de México, está inspirada por platillos de todo el mundo y delicias internacionales, pero también ofrece...

A plane window overlooking the wing and a mountain range
5th January, 2023 | Laura
How to sleep on a plane to feel well-rested

Sleeping while en route to your next destination sometimes proves to be a real challenge. Be it for the noise, the low comfort level, or maybe even for the uncontrollable excitement, sleeping on a pl...

A blonde woman standing with a black backpack, looking at a snow-covered park
27th December, 2022 | Laura
The best Christmas destinations for a white, white holiday

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and we all know it! As the festivities slowly but surely approach, it is time to plan our upcoming trip and let Santa know to find us somewhere other th...

The Arch of Cabo as seen from the sky
20th December, 2022 | Laura
Three Los Cabos beaches you should visit!

Los Cabos is one of the best-known destinations in Mexico. With its incredible beaches, natural landscapes, vibrant tourist attractions, and kind locals always willing to help, it has established its...

Two travelers standing in front of a window wondering where to go next
6th November, 2022 | Laura
Essential phrases for travelers you must know

Language barriers are very much still a thing, even with all the knowledge we have available through our phones. Tools like Duolingo, iTranslate, or even good old-fashioned Google are amazing and hav...

Orange autumn leaves hanging from a tree
7th October, 2022 | Laura
The best places to visit in the Fall season

Amsterdam, Netherlands Autumn is one of the best times to visit the Netherlands and its capital city in particular. As one of the leafiest towns in Europe, Amsterdam naturally paints itself with t...

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