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A roller coaster with red rails and silver carts
20th August, 2022 | Laura
Never-ending fun: the best Theme Parks for young and old!

Fun Parks have been around for a really long time. Some historians even consider medieval traveling fairs as the ancestors of today’s amusement parks, which would place them on the map way earlier ...

A juicy meat cut with salt atop
19th August, 2022 | Laura
Check these incredible international foodie spots and snacks!

If you, like me, love visiting new places and getting to know different lifestyles, then you most likely are super into foodie travel as well. Dishes and recipes speak to us on a whole other level...

travel blanket
2nd May, 2021 | SKY-HAVEN Travel
What if we did more?

What if I were to visit a small homeless camp in Denver every time I feel like watching Netfix and vegging out at home in the evenings? What would come of it? Would something more come of that than t...

go hybrid travel pillow
6th February, 2021 | sarahjean13
Antsy to Get Out

If you are feeling stuck at home and unable to move about, what is the best thing to do if you have that spirit of adventure? Should we try traveling abroad during a Pandemic or should we settle with...

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