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Two traveling friends having a meal outside a van
6th February, 2023 | Valentina
Foodie road trip: a love letter to the US gastronomy:

Al no ser de los Estados Unidos, la gastronomía norteamericana está inevitablemente ligada a momentos especiales en mi vida. La diversidad culinaria de América del Norte es una consecuencia direct...

A couple overlooking a colorful village on Santorini
9th December, 2022 | grayadmin55
Greek out! Off-the-beaten-path destinations in Greece

What do you think of when you think of Greece? The crystal clear waters of Mykonos, the iconic all-white houses on Santorini, the historical landmarks of Athens… those are the most famous places at...

The city lights of Tokyo in the colorful district of Akihabara
17th October, 2022 | grayadmin55
Turismo en Tokio: qué sitios evitar al viajar como turista por primera vez 

Así que te has animado y has decidido viajar a Japón, el emblemático país oriental, por primera vez… ¡Nada más emocionante que conocer diferentes culturas y empaparse de sus costumbres!  ...

Lava from the Kilauea volcano entering the ocean
2nd October, 2022 | Valentina
Top 5 Places to Visit for Volcano Enthusiasts

Kilauéa - Hawaii, Estados Unidos If you wish to see volcanoes spitting lava in real-time, the magnetic beauty of the lava rivers, and the geographical effect that surrounds these majestic volcano...

A woman hiking atop a mountain range
16th September, 2022 | Valentina
The nomad life: what does it take to backpack in Latin America?La vida nómada: ¿cuáles son los requisitos para mochilear por Latinoamérica?

Para muchos, mochilear en Latinoamérica es como una travesía por el lejano oeste: ¡tienes que mantenerte alerta y siempre preparado, el peligro está a la vuelta de la esquina! La aventura ...

A train going through a forest with snow
22nd August, 2022 | Valentina
5 Most Amazing Train Rides Around The World

“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” is a mantra that travelers understand by heart, especially those who enjoy slow journeys, like traveling by train. There’s no better way to get ...

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