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If you, like me, love visiting new places and getting to know different lifestyles, then you most likely are super into foodie travel as well.

Dishes and recipes speak to us on a whole other level: they delight our senses and let us know more about the history and culture of our many destinations. Through sugar and spice, we embrace and learn more about the wonderful diversity of our world.

Today, we want to share with you five exceptional, incredible foodie spots and snacks.

Complejo Los Leones

Tasteful Argentine cuisine

Argentine cuisine is internationally famous for its juicy empanadas and well-seasoned ‘asados’. When visiting the land of Gauchos, you will find endless opportunities to try flavors you’ve never had before.

One of these opportunities is Complejo Los Leones in Carlos Keen, a family estate with large open-air spaces perfect for groups, a wide array of entertainment options, and an extensive menu, full of traditional delicacies. Here, you can try it all, from delicious ‘alfajores with mate’, to full-course meals with the best steaks.

Rio de Janeiro boardwalk

Biscoito Globo, anyone?

When visiting Rio de Janeiro and touring along the boardwalk, you may see street vendors carrying around white paper bags, offering them to tourists and locals alike. This is known as Biscoito Globo, a crunchy beach snack made of flour, sugar, and lots of tradition.

With over 60 years of history, Biscoito Globo has been deemed a Cultural Heritage of Rio de Janeiro, thus becoming a must-try, if you ever find yourself in this beautiful city.

Prague downtown

Sightseeing and foodie travel

Located in the Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most visited cities in the country. It is known for its diverse, colorful architecture and many museums –truly special urban sights.

In fact, there’s nothing quite like walking around and exploring the town with a delicious Trdelník in hand. This sweet treat is a traditional pastry found throughout Prague, perfect to accompany you while on a walk around the historic center. 

Puerto Vallarta beach

Colorful landscapes and unique flavors

Puerto Vallarta is a very popular destination, with a wide array of both cultural and foodie spots, as well as beaches for days. Along the shore, you will find vendors with wide hats and white shirts selling ‘pescado embarazado’, a typical snack, quite famous among locals.

It is also an inside joke since its name comes from ‘pescado en vara asado’ (roughly translated as ‘roasted fish on a stick’), which in Spanish kind of sounds like ‘pescado embarazado’, or ‘pregnant fish’. Quite clever.

Munich Springfestival

Cheers with beers!

If you like foodie travel, then you’ve most likely heard about Oktoberfest, the biggest beer celebration in Germany. What you may now know is that Munich has its own kind of Oktoberfest named Frühlingsfest, or Springfestival.

It takes place in April and May and has the same vibe, featuring strong, delicious German beers, tasty food, and mechanical games for never-ending fun.

Pizza in a cone

The best snack in Pisa, Italy

We may be over five spots now, but as a quick bonus, we recommend the best food, as a fast snack. Skilled cooks in Pisa have it all figured out with pizza in a cone, perfect to carry with you while admiring the leaning tower.

What about you? What are your favorite foodie spots? Tell us all about it on social media! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and let’s get traveling inspiration together.

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