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9th December, 2022
Greek out! Off-the-beaten-path destinations in Greece
Post By grayadmin55
A couple overlooking a colorful village on Santorini

What do you think of when you think of Greece? The crystal clear waters of Mykonos, the iconic all-white houses on Santorini, the historical landmarks of Athens… those are the most famous places attended by tourists, but the truth is that Greece is full of wonders and lesser-known gems. Ready to explore new destinations?

Amorgos Island

Considered one of the most beautiful islands of the Cycladic group, with rocky landscapes and deep blue waters, Amorgos gives the impression that it hasn’t been touched by any tourist before

The energy of Amorgos is quite particular and there’s an archeological reason for that: it has been inhabited ever since prehistoric times! One of the must-visit places is the Mouros beach, where you can visit the impressive underwater sea caves.

When you come back you can take a refreshment above the beach in a restaurant that has a breathtaking view of the archipelagos (don’t sleep on the fresh seafood and the Amorgos delicacies!).

Pelion Peninsula

The charm of Pelion is undisputable: a combination of exotic beaches with serene waters and villages with traditional Greek houses. No need to worry about planning an ideal season to visit, it’s a top destination all year round

If you wish to go in the wintertime, Pelion has a ski center near Chania, at the very mountaintop of Pelion, where you can also go trekking and horse-riding, and if you’re going in summer you have a wide range of beaches to choose from, like Mylopotamos, Agios Ioanni, or Platanias. 

Don’t forget to take a sip of tsipouro, a local beverage that resembles brandy, and pair it with different mezes, which are small local dishes.

Thessaloniki City

The second largest city in Greece is a student city, and it’s chill and vibrant at the same time. The essence of Thessalonikis is rather particular, since it carries over 3000 years of history, with the influences of Jews, Romans, and Byzantines.

It’s not all beaches and food, you can visit remarkable museums like “the white tower”, which used to be an Ottoman prison, and is now one of the main symbols of the city. 

Now, if you wish to meet locals, enjoy some coffee, or search for interesting shopping spots, you can visit Aristotelous Square. If you pass by on New Year's Eve or Christmas Eve, you’ll get to celebrate the festivities with the locals!

Greece is a country where there’s an abundance of interesting destinations that aren’t on the mainstream radar. The reasons to fall in love? The dreamy landscapes, vibrant nightlife, mesmerizing beaches, and flavorful gastronomy… get ready for an unforgettable European adventure, the greek way!

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