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15th June, 2022
What are the different sizes available?
Post By grayadmin55

We have 3 sizes available, A Standard size that fits most people who are between 5’-6” and 6’-4”, A Small size that fits adults and youth 5’-5” and under, and an XL size that fits adults 6’-5” and over or those who are 230 lbs and up. If you want your Hoodie to feel quite baggy, feel free to purchase the next size up. These are designed to gently compress your arms in towards your body, so they are built to fits you more snugly and stretch easily. If you feel like you are a borderline decision, then consider if you’d like to feel more hugged when you sleep or more loosely covered. The neck cushions for the Small size are considerably smaller than the Standard. The neck cushions for the Standard and the XL are the same size. Please reference "Size Chart" in our shop for help on sizing.

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