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5th January, 2023
How to sleep on a plane to feel well-rested
Post By Laura
A plane window overlooking the wing and a mountain range

Sleeping while en route to your next destination sometimes proves to be a real challenge. Be it for the noise, the low comfort level, or maybe even for the uncontrollable excitement, sleeping on a plane is one of the hardest things for travelers and one of the main regrets when finally getting there, as we oftentimes find ourselves unable to enjoy at all because we are beyond tired.

Well, if you are preparing for your next vacation and dread that 10-or-even-more hours long flight, fear not! Here are five tips on how to sleep on a plane to feel well-rested at the end of the journey.

Stay hydrated

This may seem obvious, but it turns out that one of the biggest reasons why we are unable to deeply rest while flying is because our body does not have enough water to relax. This also results in terrible jet lag episodes that take days, if not weeks, to overcome.

The best way to avoid dehydration, however, is not by drinking a lot of water right before going to sleep, as that will only cause us to need to use the bathroom more often. What you should do instead is drink a normal amount of water in the meantime as you fall asleep or the food is being served. The equivalent of a glass of water now and then should be okay; just keep in mind how much water you drink on a regular basis.

Set the mood

Let’s get one thing straight: planes are not designed for sleeping. The space is not optimal, the seats are not soft enough, and the lighting conditions are acceptable at best and downright uncomfortable at worst.

Still, there are quite a few tricks and things we can do to get cozy. One of them is using a mushy pillow or sweater that we can rest our heads on. Keep in mind that it should also support your neck, or you’ll be left unintentionally headbanging every time you are close to falling asleep.

Blocking the light is also a must. You can use an eye mask or, if you don’t like the feeling of something covering your face, a thick hoodie that hovers a bit over your forehead. Our Shade Travel Pillow Hoodie has the best of both worlds: a comfortable setting, including a pocket to rest your arms, and a natural light blocker, so go check it out!

Avoid the noise

Or use it in your favor. Either use a noise-canceling headset or play some music that’s soothing to you, something that works sort of like a lullaby. Maybe even listen to a podcast that helps you meditate or relax.

A pro tip would be to avoid the music you usually work with. We all have that playlist of songs that get us going, the music we listen to when exercising or when we need to be productive. Although we may love those songs to our very core, it’s best to avoid them when trying to sleep, as our brain is most likely hardwired to get into “grind” mode when listening to them.

Do not eat a lot beforehand

If you do, you’ll be left feeling like you are too full, and you may even get sick. There’s a reason why we wake up super hungry when we have too much for dinner the night before, and that’s because our stomach does not get to “sleep,” as it is busy all night long processing the food we just had. Avoiding this is key to sleeping well, not just while on a plane but in general.

Of course, you shouldn’t fast either, especially if the flight will be a long one. Eat what you normally would, and treat yourself to some dessert if you feel like it!

Replicate your nighttime routine

As best as you can, at least. This will get the “sleep” gears going inside your brain. Brush your teeth, clean your face, comb your hair, read a bit, use that special cream that smells nice, and then close your eyes and let go.

Follow these tips on how to sleep on a plane, and you’ll find it easier to properly rest right before landing at that special place you’re so excited to visit.

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