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If you’re about to go on a vacation trip, doesn’t matter if it's for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, repeat this mantra to yourself planning a getaway doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

The key word there is “planning”. To create a customized travel experience, arrangements must be made. Here are some steps to dive into before your much-expected getaway!

  1. Arrange your papers: make sure your ID and passport are up to date and valid. Some countries will ask you for a Visa, that’s why before buying any tickets you’ll have to do your research months prior. Also, make sure all the vaccine requirements are fulfilled too, and keep your vaccine card together with your important documents!
  1. Define your destination with the activities you enjoy in mind: are you up for an exciting and thrilling vacation hiking and skiing or do you prefer a relaxing time at the beach, swimming, and tanning? Establish the purpose of your traveling so you can define the destination that matches perfectly with it.

  2. Research to customize!: The Internet is going to be your best friend for this. On sites like,, or if you speak Spanish,, you can search and pay months in advance for activities to do at your desired destination. Keep in mind the date on which you’re going, especially if the country has different seasons.

  1. Establish your budget: the ideal thing is to have a clear budget that’s not too tight. Make a spreadsheet with the cost of tickets, transport, accommodations, an estimate of food expenses, and, why not, souvenir expenses too!

  2. Read the reviews: going out to eat can be an enjoyable experience if done right. This is why you’ve got to trust the reviews. On Google Maps you’ll be able to search for restaurants at your destination, plus, the users on Maps tend to be quite honest in their reviews.

Don’t leave anything to luck, organize your trip in a way that’s comfortable and convenient for you. Traveling can be such a wonderful experience, especially when you’re prepared because when all your bases are covered, that’s when the magic starts happening!

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