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Fun Parks have been around for a really long time. Some historians even consider medieval traveling fairs as the ancestors of today’s amusement parks, which would place them on the map way earlier than we may have ever imagined.

Be as it may, these large-scale playgrounds have become one of the most compelling reasons for traveling, welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors within a year.

If you are still planning your upcoming vacation, then maybe you’ll find one of these Fun Parks the perfect destination for it.

Ghibli Park

Tokyo, Japan

Opening on November 1, 2022, in Tokyo, Japan, Ghibli Park will pay tribute to Studio Ghibli movies, these warm, wonderful scenarios that make us dream while wide awake.

Most of us have been huge fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies since infancy, and deeply enjoy the stories he and his team have so lovingly crafted. Ghibli Park, located within the grounds of the Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park, will represent a unique opportunity to feel embraced by our childhood memories.


Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

One of the best Theme Parks for fantasy lovers. Efteling is heavily inspired by fairy-tale lore and this 2022, it is celebrating its 70th anniversary!

So, prepare for the party to end all parties. Dance around and have all the fun while surrounded by magical elves and strong orcs, sail around the Flying Dutchman, explore an enchanting goldmine and live your high fantasy dreams.


Poitiers, France

Futuroscope is one of the few Fun Parks inspired by timeless multimedia adventures. Here, you will dive deep into the wonders of technology, experiencing cinematic, audiovisual, and robotic spectacles that look like they just came right from the future.

In 2011, it reached over 40 million visitors since its opening in 1987, becoming the second most visited theme park in France.


Florida, USA

Surely, Legoland requires no introduction. LEGO is one of the biggest toy companies in the world and has been a part of countless people's childhoods. It’s only fair that there is a theme park about it, rightfully deemed by many as one of the best Theme Parks to visit with young kids.

Although there are many Legoland parks around the world (Malaysia, Germany, and so on), the biggest one is located in Florida, USA, and promises days of endless fun with your family.

Beto Carrero World

Peña, Brasil

The biggest of all the Fun Parks in Latin America! It features many attractions, like one of the largest zoo’s on the continent, with hundreds of animals and study centers, the park itself, where the rides are sorted based on how adrenaline-inducing they are, and many scenarios ready to host shows and charm all kinds of public.

Amusement parks truly are on another level of entertainment and have become a super inviting reason to hop on a plane or get on a train, so whether you are planning a quick trip with friends, or a summer vacation with your family pack your things, pocket your Passport and grab your cozy Haven Hoodie, and remember that somewhere out there is the best theme park for you to enjoy your trip to the fullest

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