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Skyhaven Focus

Sky-haven Travel is an innovative travel company based out of Denver, Colorado. We focus our energy on creating innovative products for better rest, relaxation and privacy.

We have created the ideal Hoodie that responds to the needs of rest and relaxation while traveling in public places where you don’t have the luxury of lying down… the Travel Sloodie solves that need better than existing travel pillows because it does much more than just keep your head from falling to your shoulder.

The Travel Sloodie solves the solution we have been looking for when we travel, which is something that isolates us from the plane neighbor, the crowd, the lights, or the chaos when our bodies need rest.

As our world gets smaller and populations continuously increase… we deserve something that allows us to get into our own world when we vacation !

We are passionate about travel and creation and about keeping you comfortable for the journey there and back again. Our goal was to create a product that changes travelers perception of comfort in the middle seat of a plane, the window seat on a packed bus, or the back seat of a car.

We believe we have accomplished that. But, test it out…let us know. We are always looking for more testimonials. Sleep is a whole body/mind exercise, we all know this … and in order for most of us to get there we need to feel secure and safe in our own space. Having your arms held gently against your chest and a hood to block out harsh light, these are some features our pillows offer that will get you closer to quality rest

As a company that prioritizes comfort, we also share a passion for those around the world that don’t have a comfortable home/bed to call their own and are out in the streets every night.

This problem of homelessness is obviously not a simple one, or it would have been fixed by now by better minds than ours. We won’t pretend we have found a way to tackle this yet, but we do promise to partner with other companies in the future that share our passion in working towards a more promising and lasting solution for those who experience homelessness around the globe.

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