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In our professional –and totally not biased– opinion, traveling is amazing. Visiting new places, and discovering different cultures, is a one-of-a-kind experience. Still, planning for a trip can turn very frustrating, very quickly. What should I know? Which currency do I use? Are online coupons actually useful?

It can become overwhelming, researching and finding so many sources, each recommending a website, an App, a book…

Luckily, there’s no need to fill your phone to the brim with information. We compiled what we consider to be the five best Apps for travelers, in hopes of making your planning a little bit easier and a ton more enjoyable.

Tripadvisor: the original travel guru

Tripadvisor is the traveler’s guide, and you most certainly have heard of it before: a complete directory of hotels, restaurants and attractions, where you can read other peoples’ experiences, compare fees and overall get to know the ins and outs of the places you plan on visiting

In our book, Tripadvisor is definitely one of the best Apps for travelers, if not the best. The OG. To this day, it remains as the go-to page to plan a vacation.

Explore Hopper flights’ deals and hotel discounts

Crowned by many as the place to find cheap tickets and reservations, Hopper flights are an excellent way to save money and continue traveling. You can compare rates and airlines, check availability on different dates and search for hotels to choose the one that better suits your budget and expectations. With Hopper flights’ offers and wide hotel catalog, you will find exactly what you are looking for in no time

Discover Google Maps trip planner

When it comes to knowing the terrain almost like a local, Google Maps trip planner is one of the most useful and versatile tools, for sure. Google Maps is not only amazing for getting directions, but allows you to check opening hours, real-time attendance, public transportations routes and download entire maps, to have the whole city on the palm of your hand, even without Internet connection. Additionally, using Google Maps trip planner, you can find new spots you couldn’t have imagined and add them to
your bucket list.

Trust TripIt’s advanced scheduling

TripIt is one of the best Apps for travelers with a tight agenda. You just have to log in, and it automatically syncs with your email, searching for reservations, plans and confirmations to create an itinerary for free, saving you the struggle of sitting down and writing everything just in case. The paid subscription has extra features like customized notifications and real-time flight alerts that are absolutely worth it if you find yourself often on the road

XE Currency Converter: the money App

Figuring out currency and changing rates tends to be somewhat troubling. We all want certainty that we are making the most out of our money, specially when calculating on the spot. XE Currency Converter allows you to follow different coins, get alerts, and convert from one currency to another like nobody’s business.

The best part is, all of these Apps are available both on iOS and Android, have an average rating of over four stars, and can be downloaded for free!

So, now you know. When planning your upcoming vacation, check them out and see everything fall into place seamlessly

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