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Hybrid Travel Pillow Testimonials


"My son is obsessed with his Skyhaven Travel Hoodie! He always wants to know when our next trip is, so he can pull the hood over his head and relax. It doesn't matter if it's on a plane or in the car... he thinks it's comfortable and cool."

Jim B June 18, 2022

"For the first time ever I was able to sleep during my travels. The unique shape of the neck pillow was key because of past neck injuries. The compression wrap helped me stay warm and comfortable."

Julie H June 18, 2022

"The Skyhaven travel pillow makes travel comfortable with soft and cozy, neutral material serving dual purposes for warmth and privacy as well as providing neck support for long travels. I am always cold on flights and love that you can tuck your arms up in a compact, comfortable fashion."

Tracy D June 18, 2022

“The Sky Haven travel pillow hoodie blew away all my expectations. The soft material holds my arms in a surprisingly comfortable position that makes me want to fall asleep instantly.”

Ryan S June 23, 2022

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