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2nd October, 2022
Top 5 Places to Visit for Volcano Enthusiasts
Post By Valentina
Lava from the Kilauea volcano entering the ocean

Kilauéa - Hawaii, Estados Unidos

If you wish to see volcanoes spitting lava in real-time, the magnetic beauty of the lava rivers, and the geographical effect that surrounds these majestic volcanoes, Kilauéa is the place to go! 

Did you know that the lava rivers have formed up to 230 acres of new land and buried 14 kilometers of highway over a layer of molten stones? A recommendation: check the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website to see the activities on the different volcanos throughout Hawaii before going on to the watching points. 

Teide - Tenerife, España

The Canary Islands is home to the highest mountain peak in Spain, the Teide. With a little over 3.000 meters, this volcano attracts all sorts of tourists from around the world, and it’s quite hard to not fall in love with its towering landscape!

You can get to the base of the volcano by car, then you’ll encounter a cableway that’ll take you through the scenic journey up to the top. If you wish to do the trail by foot, keep in mind that the oxygen levels can drop up to 20%! The route is tough and you need to be equipped properly!

Mount Aso - Kyushu, Japan

Mount Aso was in the center of the news on October 2021, when after being inactive for 5 years, it erupted generating towers of ashes up to 3.500 meters high! But Mount Aso gives the traveler the experience of the two main dual forces: fire and water.

Inside the caldera of Mount Aso, you’ll find lush and green fields with wild horses and the rocky peak of Nakadake, one of the main volcanic cones. You’ll also find thermal waters (or onsens) in nearby villages, like in Kurokawa, and depending on the location the mineral properties of the water change.


Mount Ngauruhoe - Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

Two of the many curiosities of this volcano is that it went on to be the star of a Moët and Chandon commercial and it made a stellar appearance in the saga “The Lord of The Rings” as Mount Doom. The epicness of Mount Ngauruhoe is not for the faint of heart! Depending on the season you’re visiting, you should focus on visiting different areas. 

If you’re visiting in winter, keep in mind that the trail will be difficult but the glistening backdrops are worth it. If you’re visiting in summer, check out the central lava rib. This is a top destiny for experienced hikers and mountaineers who know how to deal with difficult alpine weather!

Masaya - Managua, Nicaragua

The national park Masaya opens its door every day at 9 a.m. for all the tourists who want to enjoy the sublime views that the Masaya volcano has to offer. You can get to the base of the crater by vehicle, and around it, you’ll find caves with lava tube systems where animals live in perfect balance.

You’ll also find caves where pre-hispanic artifacts have been found in the past, and experts have theorized that the caves might have been important locations for rituals. At night, you’ll get to enjoy a breathtaking show called “lago de lava” which translates to “lake of lava” on the rim of the crater. 

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