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I’m a Mexico-based traveler and writer, always with a coffee on hand, a book tucked under my arm and a plane ticket ready to fly anywhere and everywhere. A world trotter by heart, curious by nature and dreamer by choice.

5th January, 2023
How to sleep on a plane to feel well-rested
Post By Laura
20th December, 2022
Three Los Cabos beaches you should visit!
Post By Laura

Valentina B

Venezuelan traveler and classical musician based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lover of korean and caribbean food, frequent opera and ballet attendee, always in the mood for a fine cup of coffee, like Agent Cooper. Looking at life through the multicultural lens!

9th December, 2022
Greek out! Off-the-beaten-path destinations in Greece
Post By grayadmin55
2nd October, 2022
Top 5 Places to Visit for Volcano Enthusiasts
Post By Valentina

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