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Frequently Asked Product Questions


  • How is the Sky-haven In-Flight Hoodie different than other travel pillows?

    The Haven is a travel pillow + much more. Our  In-Flight Hoodie have an oversized mesh hood that blocks out plenty of light and creates privacy. Arm rests made of a breathable lightweight fabric that hold your arms comfortably by your side and away from your neighbor. Customizable cushion tightening – button/loop system at the neck. 2 easily accessible inner front-pockets for cell phones or personal belongings.

  • What are the different sizes available?

    We have 3 sizes available, a Standard size that fits most adults, an XXL size and our newly updated Youth Size. Please reference “Size Chart” for help on sizing.

  • Why is the Haven hybrid pillow more expensive than traditional neck pillows?

    The Haven 1.0 is an innovative, deluxe multi-functional pillow + dynamic features that basic u-shaped travel pillows don’t provide at all like a place to rest your arms, a privacy hood, a cushion tightening system, and 2 integrated mesh-compression cell phone/passport pockets. In short, it creates added privacy and comfort that traditional neck pillows don’t offer.

  • Can you wear the Haven Travel Hoodie with a seat-belt?

    Yes, easily. The Haven is very safe for travel and still allows you to easily buckle a plane/car/bus seat belt across your waist or shoulder

  • How are you supposed to wear the Haven Travel Hoodie ?

    Like a basic hoodie! The Haven is made to be manipulated to your sleeping needs, therefore there are several ways to wear the Haven and adjust it to your comfort zone. There is no single correct way to wear it … and we love that! See our main product info video for the 3 basic modes of wearing.

  • Do you have to put your arms in the elbow rests ?

    Not at all. Our travel pillow’s multi-purpose features allow increased comfort in any wearing mode including solely resting the neck cushions around your neck like a traditional neck pillow or slung across your shoulder for easy maneuverability.

  • How many adjustment levels are available with the button-loop tightening system at the neck?

    There are 3 different button/loop settings ranging from a snug tight fit to a looser fit around the neck for your personal resting preference.

  • Can you use the Sky-haven Travel Pillow in cars, trains and buses as well?

    Yes, our hybrid Travel Pillow was created to accompany you on all travel adventures. And especially in public places where you need that extra privacy.

  • What is the purpose of the oversized mesh hood?

    While it can easily be tucked out of the way, the lightweight mesh hood is an essential feature of the Travel Hoodie. It reaches down past your eyes and face to block out glaring beams of light and allows for maximum privacy and self-comfort.

  • Is there a product warranty on your Travel Hoodies?

    Yes, there is a 1-year warranty on every Sky-haven Travel Hoodie.

  • What is the best way to pack or store your Haven Travel Hoodie?

    There are several options : It was made to easily fit on a regular bedroom closet hanger for long term storage, but you can also quickly wrap it up within itself using the arm rests and then toss it in a backpack or suitcase. You can also just throw it in our mesh breathable Sky-haven Throw Bag for short or long term storage.

  • Can I machine wash my Travel Hoodie after messy travel?

    Yes, it is machine washable. We decided not to use memory foam for our pillows for this specific reason, because it is so dense, memory foam takes much longer to dry, is hotter than traditional foam and holds sweat in. Travel pillows made of memory foam can’t be machine washed and that makes no sense to us. However, we do suggest air drying our pillows to increase longevity of your foam cushions, since it is still foam and it can still slowly deteriorate with over washing/drying

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