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Product Design

A Travel Sleep Hoodie that truly innovates on the traditional neck pillow ... because it’s time we had something better for long flights & car rides

We took the best aspects of a hoodie, a travel pillow, an eye mask, and a lightweight compression blanket and melded the 4 - in 1 compact and easy to pack travel accessory
Our Priority in designing our hybrid Travel Sloodies was … you guessed it, COMFORT. Closely followed by sleek PORTABILITY

Notable Attributes

Machine washable

Moisture wicking fabric

4-way stretch polyester mix fabric

Focused on Lightweight Materials

We use soft stretch and breathable knit fabric

Planes can often be too hot or too cold. Our customers needed a fabric that is both soft of the neck, arms and shoulders and breathes well.

The Personal Mesh Hood View

That feeling of privacy is very important for many when it comes to falling asleep. One reason why it is easier for most to fall asleep in their own home.
With the oversized hood up and over your face, your eyes are shaded from bright lights and people can't see you sleeping, however you can still see out and watch your belongings!

Therefore you get the best of both worlds.
Toffee sleep hoodies mass production shown ready for shipping

Local production

Manufactured 100% in the USA

We are proud to say that we currently manufacture our SLOODIES in the USA, supporting local jobs and sustainably saving on all the energy that comes from shipping overseas. This is just one way our company focuses on sustainability and staying local.

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